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"Seasons of Discontent: Spring & Summer" by Jeff Kosiba

"Seasons of Discontent: Spring & Summer" by Jeff Kosiba
Brand: Poet's Haven
Product Code: 978-1-61061-249-4
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Price: $5.00
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Jeff Kosiba is a confessionalist poet. He started writing poetry in 2000, after the death of his best friend. Jeff has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is near the completion of his master's degree in criminology and sociology, both from Cleveland State University. Jeff currently lives in Cleveland, OH.

"These poems speak of a relentless bravery. A staring down of demons kissed and cries for love. They are filled with dread and longing like flowers in a graveyard. They wear their hearts and rictus smiles on their sleeves. They have been to the abyss, yet still shine as lamps of truth."

-- Dan Smith, author of "Crooked River"

"In these poems, two things are clear; Jeff Kosiba is a misogynist, and he is keenly aware of this fact. We get to read along as Kosiba addresses and grapples with his inner monstrosity, letting us see his most personal and private thoughts. It's a fascinating study of the darkest parts of the male mind. Some will find this disturbing and some may even be offended, but all will be intrigued."

-- Vertigo Xi'an Xavier, publisher
(published June 18, 2011)

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