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"The Book of Schemes" by Marcus V. Calvert

"The Book of Schemes" by Marcus V. Calvert
Brand: FastPencil / Tales Unlimited
Product Code: 978-1-60746-064-0
Reward Points: 0
Availability: In Stock
Price: $18.82 $12.00
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Simply defined, a "scheme" is nothing more than a systematic plan of action. Like snowflakes, no two schemes are exactly alike.

This bizarre grouping of 36 mixed-genre short stories (sci-fi, horror and even some classic fiction) are all about schemes and the minds behind them.

Some schemes are devious, like framing a blind rock start for war crimes . . . in another galaxy.

Some schemes are pretty stupid, like kidnapping the girlfriend of a known world-class assassin, then trying to ransom her back.

And some of these schemes are just plain different, like a trio of super villain finalists each vying to win the next annual Villain-Of-The-Year Award.

So kick back, leave your conscience outside of these pages, and step into the world of the consummate schemer.

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