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"Ungrateful - A Paper Daughter" by Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen

"Ungrateful - A Paper Daughter" by Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen
Brand: Poet's Haven
Product Code: 978-1-63102-624-9
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Price: $8.00
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Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen was made in Hong Kong and exported to the UK as a transracial adoptee.  Lucy is a dyslexic actor, writer, filmmaker, trainer, and transracial adoptee advocate who happens to love dim sum, Yorkshire pudding, and a nice cuppa of cha.  She trained at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, and is the first British East Asian actress to graduate from a recognized UK drama school.  Lucy is very outspoken on the matter of transracial adoption, giving talks, lectures, and public presentations on what it means to be transracially adopted.


...A mask that colours everyone's thoughts
Shading assumptions
I suppose

Too English to be Chinese
Too Chinese to be English

I suppose

I was neither
Clinging to the fringes
Looking in from the outside...



60 pages
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(available February 8, 2017)

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