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2012 Chapbook Bundle

2012 Chapbook Bundle
2012 Chapbook Bundle 2012 Chapbook Bundle 2012 Chapbook Bundle 2012 Chapbook Bundle 2012 Chapbook Bundle 2012 Chapbook Bundle
Brand: Poet's Haven
Product Code: 2012bundle
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Price: $36.00

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Get all six Poet's Haven Author Series titles from 2012 for one low price, plus FREE SHIPPING!


"Seasons of Discontent: Fall and Winter" by Jeff Kosiba (ISBN: 978-1-61979-161-9) (SRP: $5.00, 36 pages)
Jeff Kosiba is a confessionalist poet. He began writing poetry in 2000, after the death of his best friend. Jeff has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is near the completion of his master's degrees in criminology and sociology, both from Cleveland State University. Jeff currently resides in Cleveland, OH.

"Jeff Kosiba uses brilliant, brutal description to force the point directly into the mind of the reader. He is unrelenting and unapologetic, like any great poet should be." -- Azriel Johnson, chairman of Writing Knights Press, author of "Hellfire, Heavensent"

"These poems speak of a relentless bravery. A staring down of demons kissed and cries for love. They are filled with dread and longing like flowers in a graveyard. They wear their hearts and rictus smiles on their sleeves. They have been to the abyss, yet still shine as lamps of truth." -- Dan Smith, author of "Crooked River"

"8s" by Michael Bernstein (ISBN: 978-1-61979-218-0) (SRP: $5.00, 36 pages, pocket-sized)
Michael Bernstein is a writer, bass player, and intermedia composer. He received a BA from Columbia College, and an MFA from Naropa University. His work has appeared in publications such as New American Writing, milk, and BlazeVOX, as well as in numerous chapbooks. With Michael Crake, he edits the online literary arts magazine Pinstripe Fedora. Michael currently lives in Cleveland Heights, OH.

"Michael Bernstein's '8s' are brisk, eclectic fragments, tightly wound but readily evocative. Their force is in a distilled brevity, words that come on strong but bring a willingness to linger, imagery kept center by Bernstein's sparseness and economy. With this latest collection, Michael Bernstein continues to establish himself as a poet on our radar, definitely one to watch." -- Lynn Alexander, managing editor of Full of Crow Press

"In Michael Bernstein's galaxy, words are stars and poems are constellations. The poems make sense or unsense of the brilliantly mundane arc of our lives." -- Suzanne DeGaetano, owner of Mac's Backs-Books on Coventry

"I Wish" by Skylark Bruce (choose cover A or B) (ISBN: 978-1-62154-590-3) (SRP: $6.00, 32 pages)
Skylark Bruce is a twenty-something vegetarian progressive Christian who loves to belly-dance and recycle. When she's not writing or performing poetry, she can often be found in the kitchen cooking for homeless people or rounding up friends to play board games. She loves her parents and sisters very much, though their understandings of God and the mysteries of the universe have diverged since Skylark hit adulthood. She works in a large local credit union, after leaving her first love of newspaper reporting. If she lost the ability to speak English, she would smile and reply with Está bien. A travel bug bit Skylark in 2003 when she spent a semester in Spain, and she never quite recovered from transportitis. Until she has the resources to visit Latin America again, she contents herself with being a connoisseur of local Latin-themed restaurants, salsa dancing locations, and drag shows. Skylark is never, ever sarcastic. Don't look to her for advice on the best local thrift stores, either. Skylark lives in Canton, Ohio, with a large collection of hip scarves and stainless steel cookware.

"Skylark Bruce is a woman who isn't afraid to bleed. In "I Wish," she bares herself... and her delightful "La Seducción en Español" is a special treat!" -- Dianne Borsenik, editor/publisher of NightBallet Press

Includes the Pushcart Prize nominated "Luis y Su Madre."

"Anywhere Else But Here" by Carla Thompson (ISBN: 978-1-62154-009-0) (SRP: $6.00, 32 pages)
Carla Thompson was a product of Canton City Schools before politicians and standardized testing ruined public education. She has a Bachelors in English from Cleveland State and a Masters in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. She has served as a high school English teacher and award winning journalism instructor, adjunct professor at Walsh University, a GED Coordinator in conjunction with Cuyahoga County, and is currently a teaching artist for Young Audiences of North East Ohio. Carla is the mother of three boys (Demetrius, Furious, and Atticus). She is a performance poet, activist, and feminist. She was on the 2012 Lake Effect Poetry slam team, representing Cleveland at National Poetry Slam. She currently lives in South Euclid, Ohio with her husband, author/educator Jacob King.

"Carla Thompson's work is a carved, personal revelation and an extremely relevant commentary on society and its pitfalls, whether it's about sexuality (Denise at Five), womanhood (Bullet Proof), or race the way only the eyes of a mixed girl could see it (Brown). There is an emotional tug of war in one's chest when experiencing Thompson's words. Half of you will want to buckle over and shake your weepy head and the other half will want to relish in triumph; a binary dichotomy not unfamiliar to Carla herself. Prepare to feel like a frozen chocolate bar in the sun." -- AKeem Jamal Rollins, author of "The Tributes," 2011 Dragon Inc. slam champion

Includes the Pushcart Prize nominated "Bullet Proof."

"Imaginary Conversations" by Jen Pezzo (ISBN: 978-1-62314-745-7) (SRP: $8.00, 72 pages, pocket-sized)
Jen Pezzo lives with her husband and two cats near Akron, Ohio. She started writing when she was nine years old. Besides spending time with her family and friends, she also loves photography, art, music, hiking, and traveling. You will often find her supporting the creative endeavors of her friends when she is out and about, attending a poetry reading, concert, art exhibit, play, or sporting event. She also writes under the pen name Kerowyn Rose.

"Reading these poems by Jen Pezzo is to witness some magic – an alchemy of the amorous and the surreal flowing through many of the lines. Cheshire smiles, spirit states, and erotic whispers are implicit in several poems of 'Imaginary Conversations.' But not all is a-glimmering. Interspersed are other experiences, poems darker-shadowed: existential misgiving, trenchant catharsis. And the various facets of this complex poet -- gnomic, visceral -- come to written presence in language that is clear and honest." -- Tim Buck, author of "Echolocation" and "Southern Weather"

"Jen Pezzo's poetry captures exuberance and despair, youth and maturity. Her evocative power bursts forth in poems that are bittersweet, sly, and exultant. The mood varies from satiric to erotic in a heartbeat. An exciting collection for romantics and cynics alike." -- Mary Turzillo, Rhysling finalist, Nebula winner, author of "Lovers & Killers" and "Your Cat and Other Space Aliens"

Includes the Pushcart Prize nominated "To Be a Memory."

"Her Haunted Hazel Eyes Contradict Her Smile" by Lynne Albert (ISBN: 978-1-62154-334-3) (SRP: $6.00, 24 pages, full-color art and photography throughout, pocket-sized)
Lynne Albert moved to the Cleveland area in 2009 and has fallen in love with the city. Although her bachelor’s degree is in illustration, since moving she has focused on writing poetry, composing poems about work, life, and her memories. Being involved in Cleveland's literary community has spurred her creativity. Lynne currently lives in Parma and works as a nurse’s aide for Grace Hospice.

"Lynne Albert is an empath with a pen, palette, camera lens, and her own sharp eye that catches every tender detail of the damaged and the beauty that arises from the salvage within the rubble. She writes, 'when I was twenty I lost the ability to speak / it was my only way of survival... I fell asleep during conversations: / the best way to remain untouched.' The female subjects of many of the poems have not, however, managed to traverse the world untouched. Abuse and struggles with mental illness are prominent throughout the poems, which are hauntingly overlaid against a backdrop of beautifully-honed photographs documenting the decay of abandoned buildings to highlight the skeletal lives of Albert’s characters. Broken windows and weathered metal reflect a lack of security for those on the street while padlocked doors focus on imposed psychiatric 'incarceration' of others inside 'a room scrubbed clean but musty with filthy secrets / we were hesitant to confess.' This speaker is an indignant activist and willful believer in a world where justice is seeking 'to unlock these doors / break through your walls / and set you free' while questioning if the love of those lost inside themselves can really be 'so violent / it cannot bless / without pain?'" -- Tina Puckett, president of Standing Rock Cultural Arts

Includes the Pushcart Prize nominated "Mona Revisited."


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