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"Interfaces: Drilling Deeper" by Ben Bartman

"Interfaces: Drilling Deeper" by Ben Bartman
Brand: Poet's Haven
Product Code: 978-1-61061-708-6
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Availability: In Stock
Price: $5.00
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Ben Bartman began writing in San Antonio, Texas, where he grew up. He then moved to Berkeley, Boston, Philadelphia, and finally Northeast Ohio. While he has written for himself for over 40 years, he has only written for others to read since January 2010. Ben's writings fall into three genres: love, nature, and giving voice to his search for his place in the world. The Russell Writers in Middletown, Connecticut gave birth to his joy for sharing his writings with others, and the Akron Writers Group prodded him to refine his craft. Ben describes his writing as an attempt to discover meaning and value in his world. He is delighted if his meager attempts find resonance with others.

"Ben Bartman is an incredible read. In his first section, 'Nature,' he lingers with language, allowing it to pulsate with external and internal rhythms that aid his personifications. The richness of his imagery and word paintings is worthy of Monet. He moves faster in 'Love,' connecting a barely-touching set of hands to feelings of lust and loving. In 'Me,' his vocabulary, phrasing, and word-placements are staccato in comparison to the earlier sections. To seek his role in this world he exercises his right to vary his techniques. One piece may scatter words on pages like busy ants; turn the page and he structures them sonnet-like into rhyme. Yes, rhyme. This man does poetry proud."

-- A. Frank Bower, co-host of "Writers Out Loud," Middletown, CT

"Bartman's path to poetry has been the path less traveled by, and that makes all the difference. Whether in his bitingly personal poems or in his lyrical odes to nature, the metaphors he chooses reflect the original turn and the most interesting complexity of this man."

-- Dr. Audrey Lavin, editor of "Turning Leaves," author of "Eloquent Corpse"

"Bartman guides us through a splintered mosaic of nature, love, and self-awareness that drills deep to the soul of every man trying to find his place in the universe."

-- Brian Fugett, editor/publisher of "Zygote in my Coffee"
(published August 20, 2011)

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