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"A Thousand Voices: A City Shaman's Notebook" by C.M. Brooks

"A Thousand Voices: A City Shaman's Notebook" by C.M. Brooks
Brand: Poet's Haven
Product Code: 978-1-61061-985-1
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C.M. Brooks is a traveling poet, living and thriving somewhere between the near Detroit suburb of Ferndale, Michigan and someplace in rainy northern Ohio. Christina is a dedicated regular at many Ohio poetry events; the Cleveland-Akron area is her second home. Her work has been featured at several venues in northern Ohio and Michigan, and she has the honored distinction of being a banned poet. She loves gardening, cooking, reading, card making, and sword fighting. She owns a vast collection of Star Wars memorabilia. She is an avid student of Eastern philosophies and religions, particularly Buddhism and Taoism, and is a practiced student in the art of runes, tarot, and the yi-jing. She has put on more miles going to poetry events in the Midwest than anyone else she knows. Her son, Ryan, is in the Army. Christina is the caregiver for her husband, who has Alzheimer's. She has a collection of vinyl LPs that would strike envy in the heart of any collector.

"Sometimes C.M. Brooks's poetry swashes a curve of thought somewhat gently, a bit aseptically, tendering dabs of rivers dribbling over pain. Or dry, she finds flint to light some cheer and hangs huge habitats from charred blessings of veins. She picks up her matches again to see what can be seen. She questions her pulse to feel the burn in the bow of her heart. She lets go her grip to loose subliminal swifts, arrows pitched from the barn into soft release, falling into flying from the battle weariness of her sacred domains."

-- Kathy Smith, author of "Firecracker Mandalas," publisher of "The City Poetry"


"A Thousand Voices is a series of self-reflective meditations on the dilemmas of modern poets in a modern world. The images that spring to mind, reading these words, seem to come, sometimes, from a tortured soul, sometimes from a redeemed one, sometimes from a soul yet to be redeemed. Christina talks about a 'you' or a 'we' who often turns out to be the 'her' she is. These poems need to be read and re-read to find the real humanity hidden beneath the surface and to find the poetic truth behind the Hidden Footsteps. The messiahs and prisoners she speaks of are all of us and all of her."

-- Jack McGuane, author of "Chickenhawk," "Sleeping With My Socks"


"Christina Brooks' A Thousand Voices is a Buddhist teaching within itself. Reading her poetry places one in a meditative state and leaves one feeling more wise. Brooks' poetry in this collection leaves the box empty and allows the mind to expand the horizons outside of that tiny space of confinement. The reader's senses will be enhanced, especially the sixth one. It's safe to say that the intuitive mind is not neglected and nor is the logical mind. Brooks manages to intertwine logic and intuition to produce true infallible wisdom. A Thousand Voices will surely alternate one's state of consciousness and is recommended for every seeker of knowledge, philosophy, and spirituality."

-- Eva Xanthopoulos, author of "The Artistic Muse," host of True Colors Poetry Night
(published December 17, 2011)

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