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Poet's Haven Author Series

Chapbooks and more, published in The Poet's Haven Author Series.

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"Meanwhile" by Gregory Liffick
Gregory Liffick is a special education teacher and sometime professor who has been writing poetry..
"Balloons... and Other Things That Float" by Jennifer Polhemus (with B.B. Reifner)
Jennifer Polhemus grew up in a place where all the important roads led to the Potomac River. ..
"Cubist States of Mind" & "Not the Cruelest Month" by Marc Jampole (flip-book)
Marc Jampole is  the author of Music from Words, published by Bellday Books in 2007.  H..
"Ether Bisque" by Steven B. Smith, Julie Ursem Marchand, Joni Soule, and Charles Cicirella
Steven B. Smith was born in the Bitterroot Mountains and raised on Paradise Prairie.  He is ..
"Becoming Bubbe" by Mala Hoffman
Mala Hoffman is a freelance writer and educator who lives in Gardiner, NY. Her work has appeared ..
"Flying Solo: The Lana Invasion" by Herb Kauderer
Herb Kauderer is an associate professor of English at Hilbert College and holds an MFA in creativ..
"Ungrateful - A Paper Daughter" by Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen
Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen was made in Hong Kong and exported to the UK as a transracial adoptee.  L..
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"Twice Told Tale" by Janet Snell
Janet Snell is an expressionist painter, a MICA graduate, and the author of "Flytrap" (Cleveland ..
"Hearsay" by Bruce McRae
Bruce McRae is a Canadian musician with over 900 poems published around the world. His other book..
"Reckoning with Essential Bliss" by Marc Mannheimer
Marc Mannheimer is a Cleveland poet and mental health worker who has also seen the mental health ..
"To The End: A Collection of Short-Short Fiction" by Michelle Shin
Michelle Shin lives in Hawaiʻi with her husband and son. She received her doctorate from the Uni..
"The Persistence of Night" by J.E. Stanley
in worlds with no dragons, the men kill each other J.E. Stanley asserts that, winged or not..
"Murder Ballads" by Mark Sebastian Jordan
Mark Sebastian Jordan has worn many hats in his day: radio DJ, businessman, actor, innkeeper, pla..
"This Night is an Impossible Explosion of Souls" / "8bitskulls" by Michael Bernstein
Michael Bernstein's work has appeared in publications including New American Writing, milk, Moria..
"Poemaholic" by Azriel Johnson
Azriel Johnson is the founder and director of Writing Knights Press. He enjoys writing poetry, fi..