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"Andropomorphic" by Summer Kurtz

"Andropomorphic" by Summer Kurtz
Brand: Poet's Haven
Product Code: 978-1-64092-017-0
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Price: $6.00
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Puddles of color, bulbous
globs of pigment, spread
like molasses, drop slow tears
onto soft carpet. They weep
because my brush
can't find a place for them.

The paint is cold as I
cover my hairy arms,
cover my too-small nose.
Covers my flaws as if
this is how self-acceptance looks.

Summer Kurtz is originally from Georgia but now calls Boulder, Colorado her home. She loves horror movies, sharks, and playing roller derby in her spare time, because who doesn't love getting knocked to the ground by friends?


24 pages.  Free shipping to the United States, low-cost shipping everywhere else.


(Available April 28, 2019)

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