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The Poet's Haven Digest: Darker Than Fiction

The Poet's Haven Digest: Darker Than Fiction
Brand: Poet's Haven
Product Code: 978-1-64092-008-8
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Availability: In Stock
Price: $8.00
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TRIGGER WARNING: This anthology contains depictions of true crime and horror, including; mass murder, rape, genocide, domestic abuse, child abuse, cannibalism, terrorism, and school shootings.

The worst monsters are those that exist in the real world.
Darker Than Fiction.  Horrors too grotesque to be fantasy.

Featuring poetry and stories by:
Bill Abbott, Lars Avis, Krystie Beale, Eddie Brophy,
Betty Burton, Vanesa Carballea, Shawn Chang,
Linda M. Crate, Adri Dillon, Cat Dixon, Lauren Ebanks,
Lisa Van Es, A. Farrier, Norbert Gora, Jon Hoel,
A.J. Huffman, Emilio Iasiello, Arianna Iliff,
Mathias Jansson, Sarah Denise Johnson,
Mark Sebastian Jordan, Andrew Lafleche, Alex Lobera,
Lennart Lundh, Susan Marie, Jaydem Martin, Joe Masi,
Joseph McCrea, Sydney Meeker, Wilda Morris,
Kelly O'Rourke, Anthony Paul, Gabrielle Reed,
James E. Roethlein, Paul Sevigny, Kanishka Shah,
Zachariah Shaskin, P.J. Sheridan, Marge Simon,
Shane Smith, Sean Swogger, Mary A. Turzillo,

and Jocelyn White.

Wrap-around cover art by Marge Simon.

84 pages.

Free shipping to the United States, low-cost shipping everywhere else.

(published May 5, 2018)

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