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The Poet's Haven was officially launched as an online publication in October 1997.  After briefly flirting with a paper-based magazine in 2000, Poet's Haven finally stepped into the world of paper publishing in 2011 with the launch of The Poet's Haven Chapbook Series.  After some debate about whether our 40 page books should be called chapbooks or not (some other presses consider 40 pages to be a full length collection, while we maintain that nothing shorter than 96 pages should be considered full length), the decision was made made the following year to change the name to The Poet's Haven Author Series.  This title change will also help reflect that some of our publications will have different formats, and some may even be on other mediums.  In our online boutique, we offer both items published by The Poet's Haven and an assortment of other poetry and music related releases.