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"Street Corner Poetry" by Andrew Tobias Line

"Street Corner Poetry" by Andrew Tobias Line
Brand: Poet's Haven
Product Code: 978-1-61061-199-2
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Availability: In Stock
Price: $5.00
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If you were to ask Andrew Line who he is, the first word out of his mouth would undoubtedly be "artist." More specifically, he is a 20-something female-to-male transsexual, a proud mother to the most brilliant and beautiful Princess in the world, an LGBT rights activist, a lover, and a dreamer. He was part of Dragon Inc., Cleveland's 2011 National Poetry Slam team. He is currently putting together an LGBT-themed poetry anthology to benefit The Trevor Project. Andrew spends his free time reading books on philosophy that are way over his head, watching the movie "Rent" (over, and over, and over, and over again), singing in the shower, studying the psychology of serial killers, yelling at people on Facebook for their terrible grammar, and tearing apart enchanted forests while slaying dragons with his galaxy-renowned Kung-Fu skills. He hopes to one day get his PhD and stop moving so !@#$ much.

"The pieces are honest and raw in a way that makes them familiar, like old friends - or scars. There is a sobriety in the subject matter mixed with the willingness to play with different forms that keeps you reading. Andrew Line is learning how to approach life and bringing us along for the trip in the best way possible."

-- Carla Thompson, executive director of Citizen X Inc.

"Andrew's poetry engulfs you in stories intense and deeply personal, allowing a connection that makes you want to keep on reading more and more. He takes you from losing his child and being a victim of rape to standing tall and strong, using words to fight intolerance, hope to lift others in similar situations, and humor to heal unseen wounds. Street Corner Poetry opens our eyes to the experiences and issues affecting not only the LGBT community, but the entire world."

-- Craig Firsdon, author of "Opiate Dreams"
(published June 10, 2011)

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