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"Women Dancing" by Jennifer Polhemus

"Women Dancing" by Jennifer Polhemus
Brand: Poet's Haven
Product Code: 978-1-63102-247-0
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Jennifer Polhemus is originally from the Washington, DC area.  She earned a liberal arts degree from the College of Southern Maryland and her Crisis Counselor certification from the American Association of Suicidology in 1999.  Jennifer created and facilitates a creative writing workshop for people with psychiatric disabilities, teaching them to use writing as a means for recovery.  She currently lives in Pennsylvania's Cumberland Valley with her wife of 15 years and their three (non-human) children.  She works on the inpatient psychiatric unit of a local hospital as a Peer Support Specialist, where she is privileged to work with up to 30 souls at a time, as they come and go from the hospital on their journeys of recovery from mental illness.


"This book treats family and form with curiosity and precision.  Jennifer Polhemus urges meaningful attention to the routine details of domestic experience that reveal authentic identity.  Acrostics, haiku, and other form poems take the reflection deeper.  Perhaps, like the poet, you will forget what day it is and fall up to the sun.  But it will be alright.  The children will know where to find you."  --Skylark Bruce, author of I Wish and Graffiti Wisdom



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(published March 21, 2014)

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